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November 27th, 2023

Creating Your Ideal Home: The Art of Choosing the Perfect Surroundings

As we all have witnessed huge demand in Buying Real Estate, million dollar question is our Infra ready to complement the projects which r getting ready..?

Are we suppose to live in the compound of our Project..?

What about approach roads..?

What about streetlights and divider on d roads..?

What about debris and filth..?

What about daily necessities.. like kirana shops, medical, grocery etc..?

What about Park or garden for children/ senior citizens..?

Without these basic facilities how one suppose to go and live in their new homes..?

The surroundings of a home play a significant role in the overall living experience and can impact various aspects of daily life. When buying a home, considering the surrounding environment is crucial. Here are several factors highlighting why surroundings matter and what aspects to consider:


1. Neighborhood Vibe and Community:

   - Community Atmosphere: The vibe and culture of the neighborhood greatly affect your daily life. A friendly, supportive community can make you feel more at home.

   - Social Interactions: Proximity to neighbors, community events, and local gatherings can contribute to a sense of belonging and social engagement.

 2. Safety and Security:

   - Crime Rates: A safe neighborhood with low crime rates is essential for peace of mind and the well-being of you and your family.

   - Street Lighting and Surveillance: Well-lit streets and security measures contribute to feeling secure, especially at night.

 3. Noise Levels and Privacy:

   - Quiet Surroundings: Consider the noise levels from traffic, nearby businesses, or other potential disturbances that might affect your peace and quiet.

   - Privacy: Assess how much privacy the surroundings offer, especially if the home is close to other properties or public areas.

 4. Green Spaces and Environment:

   - Parks and Recreation: Access to parks, green spaces, and recreational areas can improve the quality of life, offering places for relaxation and outdoor activities.

   - Environmental Factors: Consider air quality, pollution levels, and any nearby environmental hazards that might affect health.

 5. Proximity to Services and Facilities:

   - Shopping and Entertainment: Convenience in accessing supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, and other entertainment options can significantly enhance the surrounding area.

   - Health care and Emergency Services: Proximity to hospitals, clinics, and emergency services is crucial for immediate medical needs.

 6. Schools and Educational Facilities:

   - Quality of Schools: For families, the proximity and quality of schools are essential factors to consider. Good schools in the vicinity can greatly impact children's education and property values.

 7. Future Development Plans:

   - Urban Planning: Knowledge of upcoming development projects or changes in the area can influence your decision. These changes might impact the value and aesthetics of the surroundings.

 8. Natural Surroundings and Views:

   - Scenic Views and Natural Beauty: Homes with pleasing views or natural surroundings, such as mountains, rivers, or greenery, can improve your living experience.

 9. Commute and Accessibility:

   - Transportation: Consider proximity to public transportation options, major roads, and highways for an easier commute to work or other essential places.

 10. Property Value and Investment Potential:

   - Potential for Appreciation: Surroundings greatly influence property values. Areas with well-developed surroundings or potential growth tend to have better appreciation potential.


As per the RERA Act and Rules

1. Completion of Internal Development works

2. Amenities, facilities as per plans

3. Completion and honoring of all Promises, committeemen made as per Agreement of sale,

4. Completion of all details provided as part marketing / advertisement collateral

5. Completion of External Development works

6.  Obtain Occupancy Certificate

7. Obtain Completion Certificate stating that project is completed in all aspects

Conclusion, The surroundings of a home significantly impact daily life, well-being, convenience, and potential property value. Carefully evaluating these factors can help ensure a more satisfying and comfortable living experience for you and your family.