Privacy Policy | Pune Realty

You might need to give some personal information, disclose specifics, and become wanted in order to be able to deliver the most appropriate information and access to relevant data. Users have the option to accept or deny cookies by modifying their browser's settings. Users' IP addresses may be monitored and information kept in the form of cookies. General information, however, may be disclosed. Any personal information submitted shall not be shared without prior consent with any third party. Only upon registering will the user be required to provide their information, and every effort will be taken to protect it.
Pune Realty shall have no obligation or duty whatsoever with respect to the activities of the user, who shall be solely liable for all aspects of any transactions made using any methods or forms of instruments. Pune Realty may utilise the user's general information to enhance service standards, deliver a more personalised experience, and boost marketing and promotional activities in its mission to deliver world-class service. The user consents to Pune Realty using personal data to offer information on the user's interests through different promotional channels and a range of products. The choice of services made available on the website belongs to the user.
Pune Realty complies with all applicable Indian laws and agrees to assist with any requests from law authorities for the disclosure of personal information. All conceivable measures have been taken to guarantee the accuracy of the material on the website. Users are recommended to independently investigate the legitimacy of advertising. Pune Realty will have no role, responsibility or involvement at all in this regard. We may modify our privacy policy at any point in time if the need arises. This privacy policy will be updated as necessary and posted on our website.