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Purva Aspire Overview

Pune - Bavdhan

BAVDHAN – ONE OF THE FASTEST GROWING SUBURBS OF PUNE DEVELOPMENTS THAT ARE FUELLING GROWTH IN THE AREA. - Metro - SEZ - Mumbai-Pune-Bangalore Highway - Pune Ring Road - Mall - Office Spaces Our Initiative Is A 3-step Process Which Includes: - Water Harvesting It’s Our Way Of Giving Back To Mother Earth What We Take From Her. We Achieve This Through A Simple Process Of Collecting And Storing Rainwater Into Storage Tanks. Treating It And Then Making It Available For Domestic Use. We Also Direct The Excess Water To The Ground Through Recharge Pits, Thus Making It Possible To Recharge And Increase The Groundwater Level As Well. - Water Purification Designed To Keep Your Health And Well-being In Check. We At Puravankara, Ensure Safe And Purified Drinking Water In Your Kitchen Tap, Through A Rather Rigorous Treatment Process. No Matter What Your Water Source Is, Be It Borewell/Tanker/Municipal/Panchayat Water, It Goes Through Multiple Levels Of Treatment As Well As Filtration Before It Is Made Available In Your Kitchen Tap, For You To Drink Straight Off The Tap. This Way, You And Your Loved Ones Stay Healthy Always. - Water Recycling Every Drop Of Water Used In A Home, Can Be Treated And Used Again. In Fact, Our Sewage Treatment Plant, Is Especially Designed To Treat Waste Water (both Grey & Black Water). Once The Waste Water Has Been Treated Through STP (MBR Technology), It Is Then Collected In A Separate Water Tank And Pumped For Flushing And Gardening. This Not Only Makes Us Self-sufficient, But Also Ensures We Play Our Part In Keeping Our Planet Green.

Purva Aspire

Configuration Carpet Area (Sq.ft) Price
2 BHK 828 - 928 sq.ft 1.09 - 1.24 Cr*
3 BHK 1116 - 1169 sq.ft 1.52 Cr*

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